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Our newest additions to the Team!

Posted by Chef on Tue November 11, 2014.

Atlantique Villa Camps Bay’s garden has become a nursery for the newest addition to our Hospitality Team – 7 fluffy brown guinea fowl chicks and their doting and protective parents.

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Everlasting memories of Cecil

Posted by Admin on Mon August 4, 2014.

Extraordinary and everlasting memories of Cecil will always remain for Guests, who were privileged to share his presence at The Hide, Hwange, Zimbabwe.

R.I.P. Cecil – it was never meant to end this way…

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Madiba remembered…

Posted by Chef on Sat December 14, 2013.

A man who touched the lives of the nation has gone home. The 5th of December 2013 will be a day that everyone will remember what they were doing when the news broke of Nelson Mandela’s passing. A day the World’s focus turned to South Africa, a day I have never been more proud to be a South African. Ubuntu – I am, because we are.

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Cape Town – Your Gateway to Relaxation

Posted by Admin on Fri September 13, 2002.

Cape Town, affectionately known as the Mother City, is a cosmopolitan city that suits and caters for everyone. From the laidback bohemian, to the busy executive, Cape Town has something for everyone, whilst surrounding its locals and visitors with incredible scenery and offering a multitude of activities and destinations.

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Cycling the World’s greatest Tour

Posted by Chef on Mon March 18, 2002.

With sweeping views from Atlantique Villa Camps Bay, of the last 10km of the Cape Argus PicknPay Momentum Cycle Tour, I couldn’t resist doing it this year.

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