Madiba remembered…

Posted by Chef on Sat December 14, 2013.

A man who touched the lives of the nation has gone home. The 5th of December 2013 will be a day that everyone will remember what they were doing when the news broke of Nelson Mandela’s passing. A day the World’s focus turned to South Africa, a day I have never been more proud to be a South African. Ubuntu – I am, because we are.

Being a part of Atlantique Villa Camps Bay’s family, we all attended the Cape Town Celebrating Madiba Concert, where we watched from inside the Stadium, the Remembrance Walk and the Grand Parade. It was a time of reflection for all of us about how Nelson Mandela had touched our lives forever…
“It was a great day to show that Madiba was a good man, it was like he is still alive, we all danced and sang for him, it brought us peace” – Hilda, Supervisor.

“Madiba was a father for the whole world, everyone is happy because he fought for our freedom and he left peace for his people, he did a good job”- Elias, Housekeeper.

“Madiba did everything for us, now our kids have free Schools, Pensioners have grants, we live in RDP houses and we are so happy attending this concert, sitting alongside White Tourists” – Nolitha, Housekeeper.
“I’m happy I got to cry for him, because of him I’m free, he fought for my freedom” – Andrew, Gardener.
“To be there was hurtful for me, but it was for you big man, thank you for everything”. Go well” – Johnny, Maintenance.

As I drove home after an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, song and dance, knowing that our Country is united for a man we all loved, it was so fitting that projected onto the face of the Mountain Madiba looked at for 27 years, was his smiling face – with the words uTATA.