Suite View Artproject Worldwide @ Atlantique Villa Camps Bay

Posted on Sun July 1, 2018.

Where is the most perfect view on earth?

Suite View takes a look at 50 of the most spectacular skylines and fantastic sceneries in the world, through a Hotel Suite’s window. Breathtaking views from above, of the city and its stories, are captured on a canvas by International Artist Jeannine Platz. We are delighted to share the layers of her painting as she feels her way through the view from Atlantique Villa Camps Bay.

Jeannine is a one-of-a-kind artist and is in Camps Bay to paint Cape Town as her #41 of 50 paintings – part of her Global Suite View project. Jeannine is fascinated by horizons and ‘paints’ using only her hands and a scraper, to bring her paintings to life.

Jeannine Platz ‘floats’ on top of the highest roofs of the world. She has a mission and she is burning for the answer: WHERE IS THE TOP? WHAT WILL YOU SEE, WHAT WILL YOU FEEL from a different perspective? She never leaves her space until she has fully captured the view on her canvas.

We are honoured that Jeannine Platz chose Atlantique Villa Camps Bay as the location of her Suite View for Cape Town.